Jorans Farm 2018



Final Update!

04-11-2018  Versie : Final Update

This will be the final update for fs17

No new savegame needed

-         Changed spawnpoints for the shop

-         Splitted up storage trailer in and out for courseplay

-         Changed visit point port grain (no longer inside building)

-         Bale storage at chickenbreeding fixed

-         Did some minor adjustments (capacity,unloadingspeed …)

-         Changed orchards and greenhouses to another fabrikscript

make sure you empty these before you update,you will loose all sources in there,

also when you start in an old savegame it will give some errors, that’s because your savegame is looking for the old script, just safe your game once and the next time the errors will be gone


Jorans_Farm_Transport_Pack  NEW!!!

Added new transportpack for the map with different choices of skins in 3 sizes boxtrucks with trailers

-smallest size is ment for animalproducts like the fordvan

-middle size(100k) and largest (200k) with trailers ment for all other factoryproducts on the map.

-an autoload flatbed with trailer (colorable) for bales and other pallets as wool,seedbags and so on. 

Second Update
26/10/2018 MAP Versie: 1.2
No new savegame needed
-vineyard upped the production speed

-sugarCaneplane at sugarfactory fixed
-upped the capacity for seed/fertilizer/liquidfertilizer storages
-added grazinganimals mod for the sheep/goats/cows
-added water add on for cows/sheeps/pigs/chickens
-fixed prices going negative
-Moody I removed the flying flag ;)
-fixed the butchery
-fixed display for forage at the storages
-fixed some minor issues
-tried to make the ferry more stabil
-Tielbeketrailer update
- Fixed few small problems and cleaned up the mod to use less memory(thanks NC )
-ADDED a ConcreteMixer to the modlist for the map 

First update on October 18, 2018 at 20:00 hours.

Update includes now the ferry, no need to download the ferry any longer. If you download the update please remove the Ferry thet you have downloaded. 

Map Update Details
Map Updates.pdf (273.75KB)
Map Update Details
Map Updates.pdf (273.75KB)