Jorans Farm 2018



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patrick O'Brien
12.11.2018 22:27:46
Niagara on the lake Ontario Canada.
loving the map great work
09.11.2018 11:35:48
What MAP I like it sharply .....
Hope it comes to FS19! :)
Good work all *****
andrew Lostyntyme
30.10.2018 14:34:58
I have more time on FS-17 than my time card at work. The maverick map was an is my top 5 maps. now seeing this new map and the video by nick the hick, you have inspired me to play more. the fact that this new map is the creation from a person so intregied by the challanges and teaching of this game. you have created a map that has so many of the features that we all wish Giants would listen to. please keep upi the good work as myself and countless others will be watching for more. thanks for the memories and thanks for your tribut to a lost dedicated soul.
Fred Conacher
27.10.2018 07:43:52
Our thoughts are with you at this difficult time.

I have played this excellent map for about forty hours now on single player, and it certainly keeps you very busy.
It is a very fitting tribute and thanks to Maverick for bringing it to us
Michael FarmerMike70
26.10.2018 00:09:54
I have always enjoyed your maps. Jorans Farm seems to be a wonderful map. I intend to download it in a few minutes. What you did for Joran is incredible. You are an honorable man and I am proud of you beyond belief. There is a wonderful spot waiting for you in heaven right next to Jordan where you'll enjoy playing his map in multiplayer together.

Well done! You are A++
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